Becoming a Resident

How To Become a Resident

We appreciate your interest in Honeysuckles Studios during this time of crisis in your life, and we are glad that you are seeking to provide a safe environment for you and your baby.

To be a participant in our program you must be homeless. This means you have been kicked out/evicted from your home, couch surfing, living on the streets, in a car or a shelter.

You must commit to actively participate in our program that includes all support services and case management. In addition, you must find employment or attend school.

If you are ready to start the application process please complete the attached application.
Once application is received, you will get a return call within 24 hours
A phone interview will then be conducted
After the phone interview you may be asked to come in for an in-person interview with the Executive Director
Determination of acceptance will be made
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We Are Here For You

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