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Honeysuckle Studios Services

Honeysuckle Studios, a newly opened Christ-Centered Maternity Home located in beautiful Greeneville, Tennessee exists to serve single, expectant and recently postpartum women, ages 18 and over. At Honeysuckle Studios you will find a safe, non-judgmental learning environment where you will learn practical life and parenting skills while exploring vocational and academic opportunities. All of this provided at no cost to you.

Housing:  A safe, family-style home provided for you and your baby at no-cost.
Classes:  Life skills, Parenting, Bible Study, Childbirth Preparation, Budgeting, Nutrition and more.
Case Management:  Goal setting, overcoming individual challenges will be part of your daily case management, that will help you work towards independence.
Medical Assistance:  Free transportation will be provided to medical appointments, and we will help you obtain health insurance.
Adoption  Referrals:  We provide adoption education and will connect you with adoption agencies and attorneys if this is an option you are considering.
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